Client Contract Value Duration
**Stage 1: RSPCA **Stage 2: Cook Construction **Stage 1: $1.075 million **Stage 2: $1.4 million 15 months.... in progress


Stage 1 for RSPCA : Prep site for upcoming Civil & Roadworks package.

Stage 2 for Cook Construction : Civil and Roadworks package for the new RSPCA Office and Animal Shelters in O’Halloran Hill.

Scope of Works

STAGE 1 (2 months):

  • Demolition of redundant building’s infrastructure.
  • 11,000m3 of cut to stockpile.
  • Compacting and trimming stockpile location suitable for animal’s play space.
  • Basin excavation and noise barrier mound formation.
  • Import and compact quarry fill across 9 building plateaus (7,750m2 total) under Level 1 Supervision.
  • 9,200m2 of ballast embedment into natural black earth subgrade for stabilisation.
  • 9,200m2 of roadway pavement subbase works.

STAGE 2 (13 months):

  • Multiple building pad preparation with detailed set-down designs for the animal shelters.
  • 7,000m2 of roadworks pavements and asphalting, including two layers of geogrid throughout for ground stabilisation.
  • 1,700m of concrete kerbing works.
  • Swale bulk earthworks and basin shaping.
  • Pedestrian footpath preparation and trimming.
  • DIT roadworks and lighting package for new entrance works off Majors Road.
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