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We have various staff in administration that perform a range of tasks including job costing, payroll, accounting, purchasing, wordprocessing, transport management and keeping service and maintenance records.


We have several principal estimators with a long history in the earthmoving industry. Each estimator is allocated to project manage the projects that they have won.


Survey & Setout
All of our Surveying & Setout is performed by a fulltime qualified surveyor. We have the capability to design a complete project in addition to latest technology in Machine Control Systems.


Operations Manager and Site Supervisors
We have an Operations Manager that oversees all contracts and organises the allocation of plant, materials and employees to the various jobs. Our Site Supervisors have had a number of years experience in various roles in the industry and are allocated specific contracts to organise and construct. They keep day-to-day records of the running of the job, set out and general construction details. We foster a collaborative approach to on site management focusing on working in with our clients and projects needs.


Servicing Transport and Maintenance
The company has a fully equipped workshop that has the capacity to undertake minor and major servicing and maintenance of machinery. A qualified mechanic with many years of experience in the earthmoving industry runs the workshop.
We have the ability to construct a wide range of items including various equipment and attachments for machines to different products for contracts such as bollards, sheds, steel frame works and more.
We also have a service truck and driver, giving us the ability to fuel machines and equipment on site, carry out general maintenance and repairs, and shift roller and other small equipment.


Operators & Labourers
We have a large range of very experienced operators who are multi-skilled and able to operate various machines. Operators are mainly allocated their own machine and given time in the day for the responsibility of keeping the machine greased and in clean working order. Each operator fills out a daily report sheet and reports any minor and major faults so as to keep records and improve the efficiency of fixing any problems.
Labourers are trained in all aspects of earthmoving and given the opportunity to improve their skills and knowledge of the trade.

All employees hold both ARTC and Trans Adelaide tickets for maximum flexibility and mobility between jobs.


Ocupational, Health, Safety, Environmental and Quality Assurance                                                                            Davison Earthmovers has a full time Quality, Safety and Environment manager. We pride ourselves on the safety standards for our workers and sub contractors while producing a quality service and product every time.

Davison Earthmovers is a JAS-ANZ endorsed company holding external accreditation to International and Australian Standards for Quality, Safety and Environmental systems. See our Accreditation page for more details.


See Equipment page for more on the comprehensive fleet of specialist equipment provided and operated by Davison Earthmovers.