Davison Earthmovers Biggest Loser Competition

                      In August, 2012 Davison Earthmovers sported their own BIGGEST LOSER Competition.

The competition was open to all employees of Davison's and ran for a 15 week period from 30th August to   13th December, 2012.

The winner was judged on greatest "percentage" weight loss. The prize for 1st Place..... $900!!  Congratulations to DAN SCHULTZ for belting home a convincing first place win.

A huge thank you to all our wonderful suppliers who donated prizes along the way! Thanks Adelaide Fuel Distributors, ResourceCo, Boral and Liberty!!

In total the company lost over 100kg's. An awesome achievement from the team.



                                                      August 2013 marks the commencement of the

                              2013 DAVISON EARTHMOVERs BIGGEST LOSER COMPETITION - TAKE 2!!

The stakes are even higher this year with almost half of our employees participating. Prize money is high and the heat is on. Finale for the comp is Friday 20th December, 2013 so watch this space.

Already the gloves are out and the initial weigh-in showed just how dirty this comp will be. One entrant disclosed weighty contraband items concealed on his person during the competitions initial weigh in. Fortunately  the individual, who remains anonymous, fessed up and off loaded his pockets only to reveal 4kgs of contraband hidden in several pockets of his clothing. Authorities say that the individual was "unable to contain his smile as he stepped off the BL scales. His conscious got the better of him".



                    But the question remains...... "Who really does have the sexiest legs at Davisons......????"




What a great journey it has been to finally finish the 15 week challenge for the Biggest Loser 2014!

The final weighin was held at our yard, in Royal Park, at the company breakup BBQ at 1pmon  Friday 20th December, 2014.

Our winning entrant Bert Mignone lost a whopping 15.06% of his body weight.

In total the company team lost over 100kgs!! Another awesome effort.

Thank you to the support of our sponsors who donated prizes to assist us in keeping the guys motivated throughout the competition.


Here's the final tally board: