Long-Standing South Australian Family Company

In 1986, after 25 years in the earthmoving industry, John Davison courageously launched a new South Australian earthmoving enterprise. Davison Earthmovers has been steadily building ever since into a well-recognised, South Australian based, owned and operated industry entity in the rail, commercial, industrial and civil sectors.

From just two pieces of heavy plant; a small workshop and a home office, the company has grown to over 30 pieces of heavy plant, modern offices, a large workshop and yard.

Davison Earthmovers continually strives to develop and utilise innovative work practices and advances in technology.

While the business has grown and gained wide recognition we haven’t lost sight of the detail:

  • We are client focussed.
  • Your project is our project.
  • We take pride in our work and have developed a closely monitored project management style.


Our size and operating philosophy allows for a personal touch that ensures projects are completed on schedule, under budget and exceeding expectations


Our projects vary considerably and include, but are not limited to;

  • bulk earthworks using heavy machinery
  • drainage
  • kerbing
  • landscaping
  • line marking
  • demolition
  • hotmix
  • concreting
  • and asbestos removal.

Our vision for the future is to continually push to be at the forefront of technology while producing the best quality of work for our clientele. The strength in our company for today and the future is our strong emphasis on family values and the unique quality this gives to our clients.